Monday, July 18, 2011

Blowtorching Marmot

by Mark

I might as well warn you up front...if you don't like seeing or hearing about small animals being prepared as a meal, don't bother to watch or read on.  Though really these animals had been dead for awhile, it's still a rather "uncivilized" form of food prep.  But hey, they're still considered a delicacy...and it takes a long time to prepare them.  My staff considered it mandatory that we get one last taste on this most recent trip to Blue Lake.  I know we've talked about having marmot in the past, but this time I decided to take some video of the preparation.

First, the heads are cut off and innards are removed.  The choice pieces of "innards" are then placed back inside, along with a handful of onion.  Then you take stones the size of baseballs that have been heating in the coals of a fire and stuff them down inside until the animal is "full".  Tie off the neck.  These hot rocks serve to cook the meat from the inside out...then the outside is cooked using the following technique (enjoy the "barbarity"!):

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