Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now this is a Sports Competition!

by Mark

A few weeks back Kara got invited to join in what we thought was a volleyball tournament, but turned out to be a multi-workplace sports competition. There were 4 organizations competing on this day. Little did we know that there would be 5 separate "games" involved in this tournament of all tournaments. I got to tag along and watch most of it. The day started out with a quick dart throwing contest. We had no idea that the tournament had she just walked up and threw the dart with very little concern for what her score might be. Thus, no pictures and no idea how the team actually did overall. It didn't take much longer for us to realize the day was more than just the volleyball tournament that came next. Kara's workplace managed to win their first game, but lost the following three. Next came a badminton tournament (Kara wasn't involved) that required each business' director to pick a partner and compete. They won all of their games!

(Ask Kara to explain the print of some white man yelling on their team shirts!)

(They may have been a bit out of position...4 back and Kara holding down the front center!)

Next came the most entertaining aspect of the day. The relay race. I will let the video speak for sure to check out the second leg of the race! Yes, that is Kara wielding a hockey stick while moving around on old rollerblades that were about 2-3 sizes too small. Fantastic material.

Their time of 2:44 was good for third place in this portion of the tournament. Immediately following this came the Tug-of-War contest, where let's just say Kara's work was a bit undersized.

It was an entertaining day to say the least. Mongolians love competitions, and this was one of the most intricate, multi-faceted imaginable. And the winning organization's director received a new dart board as the prize - you know, to promote hard work in the workplace!


Anonymous said...

Actually that looks like a blast. We should have those kind of competitions here (minus the undersized skates, of course).

Kara Estep said...

I know! It was like field day (from elementary school) for adults!