Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kids Wanna Play

by Mark

Yesterday I got invited to see the Grand Opening of a new Young Kids Game Center. Basically it's an open room decorated with all sorts of stuff that toddlers would love. It's geared toward the 1-5 year olds of Arkhangai, and sports everything from one of those bouncy house things to multiple slides and multiple types of vehicles to drive around in. This has been the dream of a young couple here in Arkhangai for nearly two years now. They've been developing the business plan along with Mercy Corps' business development company IEC, and recently received a loan to open this business.

Parents can bring their kids to the game center and let them play for 1000₮ per hour (or roughly $0.70/hr.). There are 2-3 staff members at the center at all times to watch the children, so the parents can feel free to drop them off and pick them up later. Basically it's like a glorified day care center!

Day 1 had the television crew there to catch the ribbon cutting ceremony (a must in any event here in Mongolia!), as well as local government representatives and folks from Mercy Corps. There were about a half dozen kids that showed to play on the brand new equipment. I stuck around for about an hour snapping a few photos...enjoy.

(The entry - Pooh bear wall paper and the thrill of seeing balloons and soft, multi-colored, square flooring!)

(What kid wouldn't wanna play here?!)

(Bouncy house!...and notice the small flat screen mounted to the wall. There was television and American hip-hop playing for the kids to enjoy! it.)

(There were 4 or 5 of these vehicles for kids to play with.)

(There were even lockers/cabinets for the kids...and please take note of the black bag hanging just left of the hoop - that's a punching bag with gloves!!!)

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