Friday, February 19, 2010

"Mongolia: Life in the extreme cold" - BBC News Article by ME!

by Kara

Last week I was contacted by a BBC news reporter. She found our blog and asked me if I would write something for BBC about living in Mongolia's harsh winter. I gladly agreed and it was just published on their website!

The second author is my friend Aleta. We didn't know each other had been contacted until we had already sent in our pieces. Of all volunteers she's one of my closest friends here so it's pretty awesome that both of us got to contribute. 

In addition, a BBC World News radio host did a phone interview with me last night, also asking me about the cold in Mongolia. If any of you happen to listen to BBC's radio programme, let me know if you hear me! 


Mike Fiechtner said...

Awesome article! That is so cool! Missing you guys in Seattle! It was almost 60 degrees here yesterday.....sorry to rub it in. =) Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of doing a birding trip to Mongolia in May; how have these extremly low temperatures affected wild life and birding?