Friday, February 26, 2010

Couple more pics from Ambassador's visit

by Mark

As promised here are a few more pictures from when the Ambassador came through town. It was the stories they heard from the herders and the pictures they took that helped bring about the $50,000 in aid that USAID has promised. Again, we're thankful.

(This is the first herder we spoke to who mentioned that he's lost nearly 60% of his animals this winter.)

(It's not easy to see, but that is a pile of dead animals - they blend in to the surroundings)

(This is a pile of about 4 sheep that were pulled from the pens that very morning - they're not entirely dead, but they've lost motor function and are dying...but they're still breathing. It's just tragic that this happens nearly every day.)

(I'm wrapping this up with a nice picture, this is Oyunchimeg the director of IEC taking her chance of a photo-op with the Ambassador)

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