Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Fireworks

by Mark

We celebrated New Years by eating a large dinner at 5pm, chatting for hours, and killing time before the local fireworks started blasting off just before midnight. Our friend Aleta (fellow Zuunmod trainee, CYD volunteer stationed in Baga Nuur) was visiting our wonderful aimag at the time and stayed a few days over the holidays. She was kind enough to snap these photos and send them our way. Enjoy.

Kara hiking through the hills just NE of town

Mark, Kara, and Sarah all bundled up enjoying the fireworks display.

Great shot of fireworks over the haashaa neighborhood

Another cool shot - showing the field just outside our front door, with the homes on the hillside in the background. It may appear picturesquely light out, but remember it's midnight and -30 celsius...the beauty is best remembered in photo...we didn't spend too much time outside.

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