Wednesday, August 26, 2009

G-Mobile = Connected

Kara and I are officially connected to the World Wide Web via G-Mobile high speed usb dataport wireless. Of all the things to have in Mongolia...would you believe this is just about the same cost as having 128 kbps DSL in this country?! Instead we get to sound like we're blazing along on the net. I think we're at like 300 kbps on average. Anyway, enough talk about internet connection...let's talk about what we're uploading for your viewing pleasure.

First, Kara mentioned there was a video floating around of a supposed dance we were involved in...can you figure out who is who??

Second, I was tasked with giving a speech in Mongolian for our swearing in ceremony. Here is a copy of that video (though a higher quality version may surface in the future). This should give you an idea of what a native English speaker sounds like speaking Novice level Mongolian.

And lastly, during my last few days in Zuunmod for training, my host family did many special things for me. We went to a monastery nearby (Kara went earlier this summer and posted pictures), they bought me a traditional Mongolian shirt (as seen in the speech video), and my host sister made me one of the most creative breakfast meals I've ever had. Take a look...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, are those octopus really weiners? I see bread behind them and perhaps a turnip or potato in the middle? Are those seaweed strips on the side?
P.S. Waving back to you.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you two.
The Esteps

akmonki said...

I am so happy I finally found your guys's blog.

Soooo happy.

Hope you're both doing well in the resort town of Tsetserleg!

~Aleta from Alaska who likes apples and not ants.