Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Photos

This past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. Both Kara and I have decided to take on many different roles, along with our everyday language courses, technical classes, and cross-culture meetings. We are now on the Family Appreciation Day committee, learning to dance, writing speeches, etc. However, we still find time to spend with our families and it's been incredibly important that we try and document as much as possible. The Peace Corps asked us to dress up and take photos with our families (mostly for PC's own records) but this is what came of that day.

Mark's Family (left to right): Khongoraa (sister, age 15), "Emee" (grandma), Tselmeg (nephew, age 6), Tsolmon (mom), Ganbayar (brother, age 17).

Kara's Family (left to right): Purevdorj (father), Dolgoon (brother), Delgormaa (mother)

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