Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick post - more to come soon!

I just wanted to give you all a quick hello and let you know that Mark and I are alive and healthy! I'm going to work on a substantial update at home now that I've snagged our laptop from Mark and try to get that up and posted soon - maybe even with a picture or two!

The quick update is that things are going well here in Zuunmod! Mark and I are both in classes and learning a lot. We get to see each other every day, sometimes for a while, sometimes just for a few minutes before/after class. We're in different language classes and he's in the Community Economic Development (CED from hereon out) and I'm in the Community Youth Development (CYD) classes. We're both learning a lot and we keep pretty busy. We have class from about 9-5:30 with breaks. Then we have to report back to our host families and let them know what we're up to in the evenings. Usually, that's just a lot of studying (mostly studying the language). Both of our families are really great though. The language barrier is pretty frustrating though!

Like I said, sory this is short, but more will be coming soon!

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