Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Airplanes

by Kara

Over the past two years I have been pen pals with a 5th grade class in Woodinville, Wa. They write me letters by hand and send them here and I email them pictures and replies via email. It's been a really fun experience and their questions are awesome - everything from "have you ever been bitten by a yak?" to "do they have Coco Chanel in Mongolia?" They also love asking questions about Mishka (our cat). I think they may want to meet her more than me.

In the last batch of letters they sent me some instructions for a paper airplane experiment. They conducted this experiment and wanted me to do the same so we could compare the results. The experiment basically entails making three sets of airplanes and seeing which type hits the target the most. The first one is a regular paper airplane, the second is the same design but with a staple on it, and the third has some extra flaps cut into the back of it.

I conducted this experiment this week with two sets of my Zumba kids. They may have been somewhat confused at first about why I was having them make paper airplanes instead of doing our regular Zumba fitness videos, but they loved it. Check out this I put together to meet some of the kiddos and see the fun!

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