Friday, December 24, 2010

A reminder to be grateful...

by Mark

This holiday season we are constantly reminded of who we love, why we love them, and how we're "supposed" to show them we care.  The weeks surrounding Christmas are full of giving and receiving in many forms.  Today I was reminded of how much impact a gift can have...and that we should always be grateful of our blessings in life.  This reminder came in the form of a note titled "Long Distance Parents from Heaven".  I was tasked to edit (after my translator changed the text from Mongolian to English) this note written by a World Vision staff member who interviewed a young boy involved in the World Vision Partnership Program.

I talked for a few minutes to a boy who is too small for his age and whose maturity is beyond his years.  He said that there were originally 6 in his family.  His parents died when he was really young.  Now he lives with his brother and sister, and his other sister has her own family.

After his parents died their life became very difficult; they always had problems with buying food and clothes.  When he was 2, he became involved in the World Vision Sponsorship Program and he thought God gave him second parents who lived in Korea - which is far away.  They send him money twice a year.  When he receives the presents he buys his favorite meals and clothes like other kids who have parents.  He promises to repay their favor and be a good person.  World Vision is the only organization which has ever helped him and his family.  He and his siblings are very grateful for that.  He wishes all the best to the World Vision Staff and hopes their humanitarian actions be always be sacred and holy. 

We have so much to be grateful for, and so much to give.  Show someone how much you care this holiday season.  And don't forget to "repay their favor and be a good person"...  

Merry Christmas from Kara and Mark!

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