Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water Charity

by Mark

One of the many different things that Kara has been working on here in Mongolia is to secure funding for the Arkhangai Summer Camp.  She probably won't write this blog herself, so I'm going to mention it.  She has spent a large part of her 2010 writing grants to obtain funding for everything from building new latrines, to obtaining cooking utensils, to aiding some of the less fortunate kids in the community by giving them a chance to attend the camp free of charge.

One of the more recently funded projects is to build new latrines at the summer camp, and the money has been fronted by an organization called Water Charity.  We're not asking that you give money to this project, but if you do want to read about the project or you do feel called to assist, please check here.

The camp is currently running, and the facilities are already looking much better.  I'm sure Kara will post some pictures later showing the kids enjoying the grounds.  For a bit more information, see the recent blog post on the Advance Humanity site that features Kara's guest post.  Enjoy!

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