Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is here!

by Kara

You've all been forced to read through seemingly endless ranting by yours truly about Mongolia's winter (the worst winter in 30 years, did I mention that?) and finally, finally, relief has come. Spring has arrived! I know I'm taunting fate by saying this; it'll inevitably snow tomorrow. BUT, even if it does snow, my shockingly pale skin has been exposed to warm sunlight, and I have a few freckles to show for it. And with the increasing temperatures my spirit has been on the rise as well. It's amazing what a 60+ degree day can do for one's mental health after enduring negative temperatures for seven months. On top of that, I relished the smell of rain yesterday. It was quite pleasant.

Here's some pics from the little hike Mark and I went on last weekend. Enjoy!

The view just outside of our apartment building. That is Bulgan Mountain.

This is me getting heat stroke in the 62 degree sun. That's our town, Tsetserleg, in the background.

It's hard to tell how high we hiked. Just believe us when we say it was an achievement after having spent every weekend inside since October.

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