Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday visit from the "Disaster Expert"

by Mark

This will be a quick post - we've already covered this topic in excess. But Saturday, Kara got to accompany me and some Mercy Corps staff on an excursion into the nearby soums. Once again, USAID was in town to assess the effects of the winter weather. Our now good friend Chuck Howell from USAID just couldn't get enough of our beautiful countryside, and this time he brought another important person with him.

Ron Libby - Disaster Expert. Ron is based out of Bangkok, and has spent years going to disaster stricken regions of the world to assess what and if any aid can be brought in and how it should be administered.

The winter continues here in Mongolia, the devastation of herder family's livelihoods continues, and yet it's re-assuring to know that people around the world are paying attention. Here's a few photos from our day.

(Ron Libby, along with his translator Mendsaihan in the white cap)

(The owner of these animals had only lost 20% of his herd and we were there to ask him what he was doing differently than other herders)

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