Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uhm ya, it's getting cold outside

by Mark

I feel like we should take a note from this guy - no matter how cold it is outside, if you just stay busy at work (in his case...hauling rocks all around our park) then you'll be impervious to the dropping temp scale.

Basically, over the past week the temperature dropped from being in the upper 30's (Fahrenheit) to a level of cold we've never experienced before. It snowed a few days back, covering the ground in about 6 inches of frozen powder. The past few mornings we've awoken to -25 degree Celsius temperatures. For those of you that would like the conversion, that's -13 degrees F. And during the day it usually warms up to about -7 Celsius or about 19 degrees F.

It's amazing what your body becomes accustomed to - doesn't really bother me anymore when my nose freezes on the way to work...it'll warm up again. And our winter gear keeps us warm enough to make it from one point to another. I think we'll make it through winter just fine...then again, it is only early November.

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