Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Week's Highlights

by Kara

The other day Mark and I were talking about updating this blog more often, but not with frequent long posts, but with some regular, shorter updates about life here. Personally, I like reading interesting bulleted lists more than lengthy compositions anyway. So as a short update, here are some personal highlights from this last week:

  • We got some more snow this week, leaving Tsetserleg covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.
  • After a lot of procrastination, I finally set up weekly Mongolian language lessons! I begin tomorrow!
  • I met a woman named Goldfish. Yep, Goldfish! Obviously I don't refer to her as Goldfish in English (yet); in Mongolian her name is pronounced Altanzagac. I am going to start teaching her English next week.
  • We had our sitemates over for a fun, relaxing dinner on Saturday and shared good food and conversation with them.
  • I bought Mongolian boots!!!
  • I made more yummy rice cooker cake. 
  • I got to visit families with my coworker. We visited families who have adopted children. We went to make sure everything looks okay and ask them some questions. It was great to be involved in this work, spend some time with my coworker, and meet the families.

Snowy Tsetserleg

This is when we took a mini-hike in the snow.

My new Mongolian boots!

That's my coworker Amar. We were wandering around these hills looking for the families' houses in the snow (which is not an easy task in when addresses are far and few between). It was this experience that motivated me to buy my new warm boots.

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Caitlin Rose said...

Wow, Tsetserleg is beautiful! I miss you guys! love, C