Friday, July 24, 2009

Videos (Flooding & Games)

This video shows a bit of a Thunderstorm that passed over us a couple days back. I was stuck at Kara's apartment for the 45 minute hail storm (hail the size of Peanut M&M's) and this is the view I had as I was walking back to my house. The water you see should not be there, and most definitely is blocking my route home. I ended up hiking about 10 minutes north of my house to get past the "new" river that formed in the storm. We are ok, but a bunch of folks in the Capital (UB) didn't make it because of the flash flooding and poor drainage systems. It was quite the storm, the video should show the passing clouds off in the distance.

This video shows some of the learning we're doing every morning for language class. Some may appear familiar. My class has 6 people in it, and the woman in the red shirt (clue: she appears Mongolian) is our teacher (pronounced "bagsh").

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